Creative writing, mentoring, manuscript appraisal 
Maureen O'Shaughnessy

Coming in 2019

Why Poetry? 

A three hour poetry workshop

May 2019

Date and time TBA

Since before Homer, people have used poetry and verse in order to shape thoughts and feelings, as well as tell stories. Robert Frost said, 'Poetry is when an emotion has found a thought and the thought has found words.' 
A poem is an attempt to capture and explore memories and experience with rhythm annd style. It is to delve deep, to take a risk. It develops an understanding of language. It can be long or short. It can be on any topic.
It lets you break the rules. It frees the psyche. 
This workshop is designed to enhance your understanding of the craft – and inspire you!

18€     maximum 8 places


Editing and proof-reading

Editing and proof-reading are available. I keep meticulous records of the time taken and provide documentation for the work done. 38€ p.h.

Manuscript appraisal

Having been a professional manuscript appraiser with The Manuscript Appraisal Agency in Australia for several years I can  
help by reading your manuscript and seeing it from a potential publisher's viewpoint. In
 preparation for publishing I am then able to provide an in-depth report on your work, giving objective and considered feedback to help take your manuscript to the next stage of its development. (Manuscripts 50,000 to 80,000 words: fee 190€.) 

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Writing Retreats and Residencies

Writing retreats and residencies are also available by arrangement, both mentored and independent, in the self-contained gite. To enquire please email [email protected] with 'Maison Lyre writing residencies' under 'subject,' or see below.

Writing residencies are available in a quiet, supportive environment providing a personal self-contained space in which to work alone, or, if desired, with support
Residencies can be booked on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Longer stays are available by arrangement.
Your accomodation is completely self-contained, in a spacious studio combining a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and workspace.

The cultural, historical and rural surroundings provide the perfect environment in which to be inspired, creative and productive.

​Please refer to the 'Retreats and Residencies' page  for current rates

The Travel Writing Workshop was conducted January/February 2019
in 2 x 3hr sessions at Le Patio Café 10 Rue Jean Jaurès, Exideuil 
This will be repeated in due course. Below are details from this workshop:  

Anyone who travels has a great story, an experience which may be filled with drama, frustration, discovery, cultural difference, joy, transcendence... It may be somewhere you visited briefly or when you moved to a new
place.  Sharing these stories not only gives you a chance to explore and reflect on yourself and your place in the world, but expand the world view of others, too. And there are numerous on-line outlets and publications you can pitch your ideas to. However, travel essays are more than just documenting where you went and what you saw – you want to sweep the reader along with you. 
Learn the skills required in travel writing and tips on how to write the story only you can tell.
36 €     maximum 8 places